Industry news

    FIFDH opens call for 2022 Impact Lab

    The Swiss city of #Geneva, the headquarter of the #WHO, #UNHCR, Human Rights Council, hundreds of NGOs, and philanthropists active in #human rights# protection...

    IDFA announces focus programmes and 2021 DocLab theme

    IDFA (17 - 28 November) has just unveiled the two focus programs of its upcoming edition: «The Future Tense» and «unConscious Bias». Alongside the...

    Ji.hlava IDFF to present US filmmakers to Europe as part of «New Visions Forum»

    As part of the Ji.hlava IDFF «New Visions Forum», the festival will effectively connect the U.S. documentary filmmakers with the potential co-producers, distributors, sales...

    MajorDocs returns to Mallorca for 3rd annual slow documentary festival experience

    Mallorca's #MajorDocs returns for another radical proposal in the festival scene: cinema of the real, creative processes, and slowness. MajorDocs invites viewers to slow down...

    Phie Ambo: Art as activism. Activism as art

    On Sunday, 19 September, the third day of #Nordisk Panorama# 2021, a masterclass with Danish filmmaker and activist #Phie Ambo# occurred as part of...

    Nordisk Panorama 2021: The complete winners

    Of 62 nominated Nordic short and documentary films, the jury members and audiences of the 32nd #Nordisk Panorama# have now chosen the winners of...

    IDFA announces first 2021 selections from Guest of Honour and Lifetime Achievements Recipients

    IDFA has just announced the first films selected for its 34th edition, held between 17 - 28 November on location in Amsterdam. These early...

    Nordisk Panorama welcomes Polish Docs as guest country delegation

    For the second time since 1994, #Poland has been welcomed to the Nordisk Panorama Forum. The #Polish Docs# delegation will include producers and filmmakers...

    Romanian documentary filmmaker critically beaten covering illegal logging

    While filming a new documentary on illegal #deforestation in #Romania, filmmaker and journalist #Mihai Dragolea#, environmental activist #Tiberiu Bosutar#, and a third companion, Radu...

    Porto/Post/Doc brings «Ideas to Postpone the End of the World» as central theme for 2021 festival

    The eighth edition of Porto/Post/Doc will take place from 20 to 30 November November 20th and 30th in a hybrid format. In an urgency to...

    last doc reviews

    ENVIRONMENT: Medusa (dir: Chloé Malcotti)
    How Belgian chemical business activities brought both prosperity and pollution to one coastal Italian village.
    JUSTICE: Judges Under Pressure (dir: Kacper Lisowski)
    Poland’s populist nightmare seen through the unprecedented pressure judges are now under in an EU state fast becoming a pariah.
    BEIRUT: Octopus (dir: Karim Kassem)
    Stillness and rebirth make for a thoughtful testimony to the aftermath of the powerful Beirut explosion.
    CONFLICT: Darkness There and Nothing More (dir: Tea Tupajic)
    A Bosnian’s woman’s search for answers in a darkened theatre.
    CINEMA: The History of the Civil War (dir: Dziga Vertov)
    Thought lost forever, Dziga Vertov's 1921 archive of the Russian Civil War finally debuts to the public 100 years later.