Interviews with filmmakers and other politically interesting people.

    orwa nyrabia-IDFA-MTR-2020

    «It’s very easy for people who have the luxury of having...

    IDFA: Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia speaks with Modern Times Review about the festival's 33rd edition.
    Notturno-Gianfranco Rosi-featured-MTR

    Tracking truth beyond the frontiers of dawn

    INTERVIEW: Gianfranco Rosi speaks to Modern Times Review on new film, Notturno.
    Nordic Film Days-Lübeck-intervieew-MTR

    «It would be a terrible idea if only Netflix and Amazon...

    NORDIC FILM DAYS: Modern Times Review spoke with Nordische Filmtage Lübeck (Nordic Film Days) Artistic Director Linde Fröhlich and Managing Director Susanne Kasimir.

    «When nothing is certain, anything is possible»

    JI.HLAVA IDFF: Festival Director Marek Hovorka speaks on the 2020 adaptation of Central and Eastern Europe's largest documentary festival.
    Mette Hoffmann Meyer-The Why Foundation

    «We look for films that enable people to navigate the world...

    INTERVIEW: Modern Times Review speaks with The Why Foundation CEO/Executive Producer Mette Hoffmann Meyer.
    Joana Sousa and Miguel Ribeiro-Docslisboa interview-MTR

    «While adapting, we are also discovering new ways of doing things»

    DOCLISBOA: Festival Directors Joana Sousa and Miguel Ribeiro, speak on the adaptation of the Lisbon-based festival for its 18th edition.
    MTR-interview-Csilla Kato-Astra Film Festival-2020-featured

    «Now, in the midst of pandemic constraints, is the best time...

    ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL: Head of Programming Csilla Kato speaks on the Romanian documentary festival's 2020 hybrid edition, its challenges, and the post-pandemic industry.
    MTR interview-Miguel Eek-Majordocs-featured

    «I believe that we’re going through a vibrant yet quite confusing...

    MAJORDOCS: Artistic Director Miguel Eek speaks on the unique «slow experience» of Mallorca's MAJORDOCS.
    Marco di Lauro

    «In everything there is beauty»

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Eclectic photographer Marco Di Lauro has traveled the world and has been published by the biggest American and European newspapers and magazines.
    Darko Nabakov-Makedox-MTR-featured

    «Plans must be adjusted on the go»

    MAKEDOX: Festival Director Darko Nabakov speaks ahead of the 2020 hybrid edition of Macedonia's MakeDox Creative Documentary Festival.