MTR interview-Miguel Eek-Majordocs-featured

    «I believe that we’re going through a vibrant yet quite confusing...

    MAJORDOCS: Artistic Director Miguel Eek speaks on the unique «slow experience» of Mallorca's MAJORDOCS.
    Our Planet-MTR-featured

    What’s happening to our planet?

    ECOLOGY: How a massively popular nature TV series can help the world

    Under the heavenly blue sky

    CULTURE: A vulnerable, vivid and sprawling story about the challenges present for a group of farmers in a remote yet beautiful village.
    shape of things to come-documentary-featured

    Psychedelic frogs and surveillance towers

    SURVIVAL: Provocative questions about environment and survival amidst the spectre of global collapse arise from Sundog, a recluse living in the Sonoran Desert.
    Czech New Wave-mushroom-pickers-post1

    A new film movement on the rise

    ENVIRONMENT: Humans are extraordinary in how they manage to isolate themselves away from their problems.
    No Kings-documentary

    The fishermen’s last stand

    TRADITION: 150 miles from Rio de Janeiro exists a hidden community descended from indigenous people, escaped African slaves, and European pirates
    Brooklyn Inshallah-democracy in action-featured

    Democracy in action

    DEMOCRACY: Ahmed Mansour has made a verité film about democracy in action
    Farce-animation-short film-featured

    Burlesque and carnivorous satire

    SOCIETY: A grotesque, unrestrained and entertaining satire on our modern-day decadence and gluttony.
    Vivos-documentary-Ai Weiwei-MTR

    Dissidence and the disappeared

    REPRESSION: Through intimate interviews and meditative photography, Ai Weiwei provides visualisation of an unsolved humanitarian crisis.

    The courage of being themselves

    FEMINISM: A nostalgic tale of food and feminism