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    The Fourth Window

    BIOGRAPHY: The dark side behind the international success story of Ams Oz, a symbol of the Israeli conscience and literary superstar

    Children of The Enemy

    FAMILY: European governments still refuse to repatriate their state members, including their children

    Echoes of the Invisible

    LIFE: All things seen and unseen are connected despite a world of noise and division, even if on Earth’s most extreme environments.

    The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

    CAPITALISM: Essential viewing for the coming global revolution.

    Our Beds Are Burning

    FASCISM: Since the beginnings of the 20th Century, fascist ideals have emerged from many places one may not expect.


    CONTROL: A dystopic visual essay reflecting on the filmmaker’s children’s future in a technological world.

    Wuhan Wuhan

    COVID-19: In times when a blame game ousts self-scrutiny, Wuhan Wuhan refuses to further politicise the virus, laying bare our shared struggles amid the pandemic.

    5 eyelet documentaries you can watch anywhere

    As we move into the dog days of summer with heat waves virtually enveloping the entire world, there are few better times to sit...

    Sons of Honour

    REHABILITATION: One judge in Italy’s most violent regions aims to re-educate children of powerful crime families through a controversial programme.