Krakow Film Festival 2024


Living in limbo

Living in exile is hard, as we can experience in Mohamed Jabaly's award-winning Life Is Beautiful. Despite the hardships, this film is a feel-good story celebrating solidarity and friendship.

Life without papers

MODERNITY: Revealing the hidden world of the evaporated.

An unknown soldier

CONFLICT: Contrasting quiet Ukrainian life compositions with intercepted phone conversations between Russian soldiers and their families.

Children’s nightmares of war

CONFLICT: A short doc follows a researcher as he probes children’s trauma-induced nightmares.

Terrorisation in the Lebanese skies

CONFLICT: Nyon's Vision du Réel selection helps uncover unexpected forms of torture.

Scrolling into the abyss

NIHILISM: A globe-trotting journey through the emotional wasteland of the digital age.

Four daughters unveil the path of choice

FAMILY: An intimate look at the challenges and decisions facing four sisters in Tunisia, shaped by their environment.

Between mysticism and monotony

RELIGION: Step into the shadows where the arcane rituals of the Church of Satan come to life.

A critical voice from Belarus

BELARUS: A satirical journey through Belarus' tumultuous history from 2020 protests to the Ukraine war, blending humour with stark realities.