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Bank Job

DEBT: A brilliant, but serious, comic caper with all the style and panache of The Italian Job – and the heart and soul of the best in British social activism.


LABOUR: A new world of colourful bikinis and intense demands opens up to two shy young men working at an all-inclusive hotel on the Turkish Riviera.

Travesti Odyssey

IDENTITY: Intertwined with days of protests, the final days of Chile's radical Cabaret Travesía Travesti show how important it is that the trans community stands up to tell its own stories.

Beirut: Eye of the Storm

BEIRUT: Four progressive women document the 2019 Beirut uprisings, until Covid-19 hits.

The Forever Prisoner

JUSTICE: Twenty years on Guantánamo Bay's first high-value detainee has still never been charged with a crime or allowed to challenge his detention.

Our Memory Belongs To Us

SYRIA: How does one survive in times of war? By forgetting, or by remembering...?


ENVIRONMENT: How Belgian chemical business activities brought both prosperity and pollution to one coastal Italian village.

Judges Under Pressure

JUSTICE: Poland’s populist nightmare seen through the unprecedented pressure judges are now under in an EU state fast becoming a pariah.


BEIRUT: Stillness and rebirth make for a thoughtful testimony to the aftermath of the powerful Beirut explosion.