Trained to See – Three Women and the War

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Three women and a war seen through their eyes.


    RUSSIA: The authoritarian stranglehold of the Kremlin closes in across national holidays in contemporary Russia.

    The Etilaat Roz

    JOURNALISM: Following the team behind the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Kabul as it is recaptured by the Taliban.

    Port Desire

    Falklands War: You can take the soldier out of a war, but not the war out of the soldier.


    BIOGRAPHY: One of the longest-serving German chancellors ever, Angela Merkel's eventful tenure as a woman in a bastion of masculinity made her an anchor for Europe.

    Racist Trees

    RACISM: A row of tamarisk trees along a huge golf course in Palm Springs begs the question, can a tree be racist?

    Silent House

    IRAN: The fortunes of three generations of an upper-middle-class Iranian family tracked across forty years of turbulent Iranian history.

    The Return Of Inflation - The Gravy Days Are Gone

    ECONOMICS Inflation rears its ugly head after 40 years at bay.

    Elfriede Jelinek - Language Unleashed

    BIOGRAPHY: By focusing on her artistic approach to language, the complex and multi-layered Nobel laureate also reveals the deep contradictions of her native Austria.