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    You Can't Show My Face

    ART: Rejected by society on its government controlled streets, anonymous rappers seek the sounds of Tehran for both production and inspiration.

    Seyran Ateş: Sex, Revolution and Islam

    ISLAN: Female imam Seyran Ateş believes Islam needs a sexual revolution, resulting in Fatwas, bullets, death threats, and police protection.

    NYC EPICENTERS 9/11➔2021½

    9/11: Weaving together the stories, memories, and insights of those who were eyewitnesses to New York’s greatest challenges, Spike Lee's limited series is a rich tapestry of New York City in the 21st century.


    MEMORY Weaving audio and video recordings, archival images, and re-enactments, an innovative documentary give a first-person account of the Hiroshima bombing.

    Feminine mystique: Rewriting the female narrative in Terra Femme and Sava

    This year’s 20th #DokuFest offered over 200 films from all around the world across its 19 sections. These sections consisted of films focusing on...

    Babi Yar. Context

    CONFLICT: Reconstructing and visualising the historical context of the Babi Yar tragedy, where 33,771 Jews were massacred during Ukraine's German occupation.

    Factory to the Workers

    LABOUR: Under Tito's watchful eye, a post-Socialist dream of workers' ownership is put to the capitalist test.

    The Same Dream

    CONFLICT: The story of a Romanian soldier in the Afghan war and that of a young girl who found herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

    Recipe For Hate

    CONTROL: In a violent society, Serbian director Filip Čolović seeks to make sense of his brother's murder.