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A lost world in the name of God

RELIGION: A testament to the human and cultural destructive power of white, Christian arrogance.

The land of dark cities

CULTURE: A saturated hybrid of a distinct musical subculture and the complicated city dynamics that help create it.

Man, neither saint nor savage

SURVEILLANCE: Examining the extent of the FBI's surveillance and harassment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The years to come

SOCIETY: Maite Alberdi's film cleverly touches on a delicate theme and invites us with compassion and tenderness to reflect on isolation, the rigours of patriarchal society, and the organisation of work and family.

Year of the soldiers’ babies

CONFLICT: Decades after many young Peruvian women were raped by army soldiers, they take the perpetrators to court in the name of justice and dignity.

Old hate, new influencers

ALT-RIGHT: An investigation into the roots of rising white nationalism in the U.S. and abroad.

Everything to do with it

MEMORY: How did otherwise ordinary human beings take part in one of humanity's greatest crimes?

The spiritual significance of water

ECOLOGY: Fresh from a competition screening at DOK Leipzig, Violeta Paus' short film is a haunting and lyrical look at water pollution and deprivation.

In our hands

ECOLOGY: Watch it and weep: Jennifer Abbott's remarkable, poetic, and lyrical film about the profound urgency, grief, and gravity of climate change is deeply moving.

The fireball at the end of the world

COSMOS: In his tireless search for uncanny strangeness, Herzog encounters different types of meteorite-hunters who look for a lived connection with the larger cosmos – and explores the deeper causes of our apocalyptic thrills.

There’s more than one feminism

DOK.REVUE: A reflection on women documentarians inspired by Barbora Baronová’s book Women on Women.

Documentary for social change

SOCIAL CHANGE: Essential reading for all who want to better understand what makes our time the documentary golden age

Words matter

TRUMPISM: A guide to understanding, resisting, and recovering from the tumultuous Donald Trump presidency.