Confronting the captors

ISIS: A shocking and brutal account of the fate of a Danish photographer held hostage held by Islamic State terrorists.

The (white) man’s drive to conquer nature

NATURE: Philosophical musings on the nature of truth and knowledge through the lens of man's manipulation of nature and Google's domination of the Internet

Mountains of dreams

IRAN: An intricate look into defiance and demand for change.

The myth of Melusina reimagined

IDENTITY: Delve into the complex identities formed by Luxembourg's immigrant youth

The continuity of loneliness

TRAUMA: Unearth the subtle connections between personal lives and external conflicts, as 'The Diagonal Force' leads you towards Hannah Arendt's celebration of human capacity.

Between faith and love

MARRIAGE: Witness the raw emotions and trials of a Romanian couple as they navigate love, family, and religion in a world full of opinions.

The unpredictability of hatred

A bitter reflection on violence, revolution and terrorism.

Art, reality, and pandemic

COVID-19: Nikolaus Geyrhalter combines artistry, reality, and a timeless message about our response to global crises.

Life and community in virtual worlds

GAMING: A deep dive into virtual survivalist communities and the blur between reality and gaming.