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    As I Want

    FEMINISM: Following a string of sexual assaults, As I Want documents a burgeoning women’s rebellion.

    The Colonel’s Stray Dogs

    DISSENT: Undying patriotism in the face of a country that no longer needs you.

    Magaluf Ghost Town

    TRAVEL: An idiosyncratic look at the «best and worst place on earth»

    War and Peace

    HISTORY: Ever since they met in 1911, the moving image and war have had a contentious relationship

    The Other Side of the River

    SYRIA: After aiding in her region’s liberation from ISIS, 19-year old Hala must now do the same for her sisters arranged marriages.

    Io Resto

    COVID-19: During the worst moments of our collective tragedy, healthcare staff and patients unite in the face of the unknown.

    Bellum – The Daemon of War

    CONFLICT: The advent of artificial intelligence and digitalisation of weapons has shifted traditional battlefields into remote operations in the name of wartime «progress».


    CLIMATE: The CPH:DOX opening film portrays how young Danish activists are fighting for a greener future.

    Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)

    REFUGEES: Gradually cut off, the civilians of the world’s largest Palestinian refugee camp organise themselves to resist starvation and despair.