Krakow Film Festival 2024


Eastern promises

ELECTIONS: Tricked by cynical populists' fake commitments for their own obscure ends, the elderly residents of an entire village in Georgia are left toothless, figuratively and literally.

Victory Day

RUSSIA: Victory Day in Russia in 2022 – barely six weeks after Putin's invasion of Ukraine – plays out the same tired old themes of the Red Army's victory over Nazism in 1945, with those celebrating eagerly taking up the new propaganda of victory.

Widowhood in India as farmers’ suicides soar

GRIEF: Amidst India's farmer suicide crisis, a young woman navigates her grief as she joins a community of widows.

The solitary path

SPIRITUALITY: The transformation from renowned HIV researcher to Buddhist monk unveils complexities of solitude, mental health, and familial reconciliation.

Bodily autonomy in contemporary Europe

BODIES: Elina Psykou's debut feature delves into biopolitics and bodily management, reflecting on Foucault's theory of biopower in Europe.

Echoes of Geronimo

IDENTITY: A captivating road movie adventure to find the lost Apache tribe blending humour and poignant revelations on the complex tapestry of indigenous identity and colonial impact.

A certain kind of president’s last days

BIOGRAPHY: Havel's legacy as a dissident, playwright, and president, highlighted in a film that contrasts his ideals with today's political climate.

Quick eyes and quaking earth

IRAN: Through everyday encounters, Terrestrial Verses exposes the suffocating bureaucracy and corruption stifling Iran's citizens

The unflinching eye

Cataloguing the horrors of the war in Ukraine becomes an obsessive search for the last perfect picture to crown an award-winning career for Dutch war photographer Eddy van Wessel.