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    The Last Forest

    INDIGENOUS: A piercing portrait of the Yanomami people amid encroachments on indigenous lands in the Amazon rainforest.

    a-ha The Movie

    MUSIC: Three teenagers living in small-town 1970s Norway go on to become one of the 80s top-selling acts, and music pioneers in the process.

    Babi Yar. Context

    CONFLICT: War crimes and the assisting population

    The Gig Is Up

    LABOUR: On the front lines of the visible – and invisible – global platform economy.


    ABUSE: Survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests recreate scenes of ritual power within the church.

    We Are Russia

    RUSSIA: The youthful energy and optimism of Russia’s young opposition activists comes up against the cruel boundaries of an uncaring state

    When You Are Close to Me

    DISABILITY: Seeing and watching can be done in many different ways.

    The Spark

    DISSENT: «We don’t defend nature, we are nature defending itself.»


    POLITICS: With the country at a crossroads, Zimbabwe attempts to hold its first post-Mugabe elections.