Sarajevo Film Festival 2024


Sunlight on pause in Kharkiv’s underground

UKRAINE: The courage and community of Kharkiv's metro dwellers amidst ongoing attacks.

A different house for a different world

ARCHITECTURE: A tale of architectural brilliance and the female gaze, redefining modernist landscapes through Eileen Gray's story.

The forest remembers

MIGRANTS: The plight of refugees trapped by geopolitical manoeuvres at the EU border.

The law and the lost

IMMIGRATION: Borders are all in the mind, Loretta van Horst's powerful film about US border patrol officers trying to stop people smuggling from Mexico, The Border Crossed Us, shows.

Guardians of the green

NATURE: Follow the journey of a Finnish grassroots movement advocating for stricter forest protection.

The case of the mighty stick figures

INDIA: Indian cartoonist Rachita Taneja's struggle against censorship and legal threats for her politically charged cartoons critical of the country's direction.

Death, everywhere

IRAQ: The hopes and broken dreams of a generation who has known nothing but war since the country's U.S.-led occupation.

Beyond blood and soil

IDENTITY: The struggle for cultural identity in Mongolia, where the legacy of Genghis Khan meets modern challenges, through the eyes of a determined activist mother.

The changing mindset among young American Jews

ISRAEL: Exploring the shift in American Jewish support for Israel through personal journeys of disillusionment and activism.