De – rrida – construction

    VISIONS du REEL: This year’s festival featured the 2002 film Derrida as a part of the oeuvre of Kirsten Johnson, who worked as cinematographer. The film follows French philosopher Jacques Derrida. But is it possible to film-philosophy?

    Blindspots: Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Dark Matter: Independent Filmmaking in the 21st Century’

    VIEWS: Beginning with a flawed premise, British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom's book of interviews does not provide the full picture.

    Land for us all – or for no one?

    Crossing Europe: Four films that take a multifaceted look at the economic, ecological, and social importance of land.

    The True Lies of Hassen Ferhani

    Visions du Réel: The Nyon festival included a retrospective of Algerian director Hassen Ferhani who also taught a masterclass where he proclaimed: «I don’t lie, but I don’t fall into truth.» What does this say about his films?