Death – more or less real

REALITY: We perceive reality very differently. So let me suggest three areas where reality is real, strong and direct for all of us. But also about what a newly translated book by Pier Paolo Pasolini says about film's contact with reality.

A role model

ACTIVISM: Masih Alinejad, Nobel nominee, voices Iran's silenced through social and global media.

When violence becomes the only way

POWER: According to Hannah Arendt, the use of violence, weapons, and bombs renders us politically voiceless. Can her particular analyses of power teach us anything about the violence being perpetrated from and in Gaza today?

It is time for festivals to endorse a BRAVE space over a SAFE one

IDFA: What is this obsession with creating a «safe space» for upcoming film festivals that is now circulating on social media? Who is scaring the world's institutions to speak up?

Exploring cinematic reflections of crisis: documentary on the march

CINEMA: More prescient than ever, Doclisboa's «Documentary on the March» retrospective provide a blueprint for today's documentaries for social change.

The intersection of youth and documentary at Young Horizons Industry

YOUTH: Explore Young Horizons Industry's 2023 film selections, highlighting the complexities and nuances of youthful experiences.

We don’t want the smoking gun at the head of civilisation to be a mushroom cloud

OPPENHEIMER: The mainstream embraces sex and death in nuke movie.

The case of Dominic Ongwen

It is certainly refreshing when invited speakers at a film talk are unafraid to venture into contested waters well beyond the bounds of a...

Festival Report: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE 2023

REPORT: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE 2023 presented seventeen immersive non-fiction across VR, AR, gaming, and Interactive Storytelling.

Observational cinema

THESSALONIKI: What is an observational style really – an old fashion or giving films something they lost?

NATO – an alliance for the 21st century?

MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: NATO's new strategy document is a continuation of the neoconservative line after Anders Fogh Rasmussen's politicization of the group, revealing an ideological chasm between the old and the new NATO.

Fascinating fascism and seductive leaders

NEO-FASCISM: Do many still have fascist yearnings today, or can one always blame seductive leaders? A closer dive into the 100-year-old Italian fascism and its descendants says something about the dangers we are likely to face.