HUMAN RIGHTS DOC CONFERENCE 2000: Only Time Can Change the World

    Around 40 film professionals from 13 countries met in Lesidren, Bulgaria this past October for the first edition of the conference ”Documentary Films: Ethnic Issues and Human Rights”.

    DUBROVNIK 2000: Looking for Trouble

    This is the story of why a film festival was transformed when things got too peaceful. A fairytale by TUE STEEN MÜLLER.

    POV: Including Vérité in Your Toolkit

    These are auspicious times for the form/style/movement known as Cinéma Vérité. Herzog denounces it in favour of "ecstatic truth".

    The Director’s Turn

    Directors of documentaries are worried about staying up to date. Compared to their producer colleagues, they are offered very few opportunities for further professional training in the form of courses and workshops.