It was midday in April 1999, and I was sitting next to Adriek in the viewing room of IDFA showing her a bunch of Romanian documentaries produced after 1989.

    SHEFFIELD 2000: More Craft than Business

    Last October, the Sheffield International Doc Fest once again hosted the documentary community blending good documentaries with engaging panel discussions. CAROL NAHRA was a guest.

    IDFA 2000: Documentary Globetrotting

    ANETTE OLSEN journeyed to the most distant corners of the world through the films shown at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam last November. She reports on some of her cinematic adventures.

    HUMAN RIGHTS DOC CONFERENCE 2000: Only Time Can Change the World

    Around 40 film professionals from 13 countries met in Lesidren, Bulgaria this past October for the first edition of the conference ”Documentary Films: Ethnic Issues and Human Rights”.