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    Saying goodbye to analogue film

    DIGITALISATION: Cinema Futures is both a poetic farewell to a disappearing medium and a complex analysis of the mixed aspects of digital revolution.
    RBG-MInding the Gap-eyelet

    Windows of American culture

    SUNDANCE: RBG and Minding the Gap are American testimonies of truth and power from both a public and personal point of view.

    A Jihadistic family portrait

    CONFLICT: A rare insight into how the sons of the al-Nusra warriors in the Idlib Governorate of Syria are being raised to become the next generation of jihadists.
    Becoming Animal-featured

    A thought-provoking, peculiar exploration of nature

    ECOLOGY: A magnificent documentary about the natural origins of what we consider to be man-made and the connection between man and nature.

    The necessity of role models

    BIOGRAPHY: We can all learn something about consideration and honesty by James Baldwin.

    Why are people unable to live in peace?

    CONFLICT: After centuries of hatred, violence, and massacres, Ukraine is yet again at war.

    GIANFRANCO ROSI: The Fire at Sea

    INTERVIEW: «Unless we change our course of direction, our xenophobic politics will lead to the collapse of Europe, » says Gianfranco Rosi, the filmmaker the Lampedusa-documentary Fire at Sea.

    The treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli military

    CONFLICT: Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi’s latest documentary has an unabashedly provocative thesis, juxtaposing footage of Palestinians being humiliated by Israeli guards with scenes of Jewish tourists being regaled by tales of historical struggle.

    What happens in the mix?

    DOX:LAB experiments with hybrid forms of filmmaking, enabling crossovers, not only between directors and cultures, but also between storytelling and languages of film.

    Take a look at Europe through the eyes of a six...

    Mother Europe gave birth to many children. She raised them with love and with care. Among the children were Belgium and the twins called Denmark. Mother Europe kept having children.