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A perverted portrait of an artist
(The Artist & The Pervert)

The Artist & The Pervert is a somewhat atypical portrait of an artist that tells less about composer Georg Friedrich Haas’ microtonal music then it does about his BDSM-based relationship with his wife.

The houses we were, the cities we are
(The Houses We Were / DIALOGUE)

Two important but very different documentaries from 2018 showcase the power of the short film form.

MONTREAL 2011: The cinema in your head

At the 29th festival of films about art, Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA), DOX’s Kjetil Røed writes from different angles: psychological, conceptual, distortions of the real and intermedia reconsidered. But was the festival itself missing a historical and theoretical context?

The transmediale festival in Berlin: Making films about themselves making films

The transmediale festival in Berlin is a quintessential summit for the discourse between art and digital culture. The “Immediated Autodocumentary” project – shot, edited and screened during the festival – points out how technology may have replaced the director with the transmedia producer.