Krakow Film Festival 2024


Interviews with filmmakers and other politically interesting people.

Heleen Gerritsen

«We select visually powerful documentaries that function well on the big...

goEAST: With the 24th edition currently underway, Modern Times Review spoke with its Director #Heleen Gerritsen# on her role, inspirations, the festival's place within a broader continental sphere, and more.

«We aim to accommodate differing opinions and be welcoming towards them,...

CPH:DOX: With its Head of Industry and Artistic Director, we discuss specific aspects of the CPH:DOX Industry programme, the secrets of a well-rounded festival, ensuring safety and free speech for all, and much more.
Baghdad on Fire Karrar Al-Azzawi

Why are the youth in Iraq protesting?

IRAQ: In Iraq, the youth don't trust the politicians or the parties. We met the director and producer of Baghdad on Fire, which addresses the bad governance of their country's leaders and the mobilisation of the youth who really fight for change.
Jeremy Corbyn

«You may end up with the only peace – being the...

INTERVIEW: We are talking with the previous Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could have been prime minister in Britain, about current issues – like military build-up, Ukraine, Israel, climate justice and labour, security, democracy, citizen assemblies, and not least of all, hope for the future.
Gille De Juan

Hip-hop’s half-century: from bronx streets to global beats

INTERVIEW: Porto/Post/Doc and curator Guille de Juan celebrates hip-hop's transformative five decades.
collective hataid action during international women's day

Combatting Digital Violence: A Conversation with HateAid

DIGITAL VIOLENCE: With a Human Rights Film Festival Berlin workshop on Navigating Digital Aggression for Journalists and Filmmakers, Modern Times Review speaks with representatives of Germany's HateAid - the organisation combatting digital violence.
After Work documentary Erik Gandini

What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

FUTURE: Renowned filmmaker Erik Gandini talks to Modern Times Review about the meaning a society based intensively towards work. But also more existential questions like Basic Salary, individualism – and interdependence as a way forward.
Andreas Lewin

«l always wanted to focus on the earnest and professional presentation...

DOKUARTS: Modern Times Review speaks with Artistic Director Andreas Lewin on the 2023 theme, why DOKUARTS is not a competition festival, the place of the festival within the wider continental landscape, and more.
Docu Talents fron the East 2022 Between Revolutions Vlad Petri

Between Revolutions: «I am more fascinated by the archival material than...

REVOLUTION: We joined film director Vlad Petri under a fig tree in Skopje as he reflects on the stories of women's resilience and revolution in his film Between Revolutions.
Zane Balcus

«A great variety of styles allows us to reflect on the...

BALTIC SEA DOCS: Modern Times Review speaks with Project Manager Zane Balčus on its history, the current trends in documentaries from the Baltic region, and the role the BSD plays within the wider European documentary landscape.