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The overlooked «in-betweener»

Two highlights of Doclisboa 2018 were documentaries from an often-overlooked category – the mid-length film.

Day-to-day life amongst a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

Their Own Republic by Russian director Aliona Polunina caused quite a fury at this year‘s Doclisboa due to its pro-Russian stance. The documentary nonetheless offers an interesting insight into the side of the Ukrainian conflict rarely portrayed in western media.

Interview with Miguel Ribeiro – Doclisboa

This year‘s focus programme at Doclisboa presents films from the Euphrates area. «The idea is to bring back images that disappeared in relation to these territories due to all the recent conflicts,» programme coordinator Miguel Ribeiro, says to Modern Times Review.

Cíntia Gil

DOCLISBOA: Doclisboa is consistent in defending diversity, matching films with audiences and surpassing the rules of the mainstream market

Doclisboa 2011: White man’s view of …

Doclisboa 2011 showed a rich retrospective of documentaries on the liberation movements of the earlier Portuguese colonies in Africa.

My way

On travelling through film festivals.

DOCLISBOA 2007: Films for the Senses

The fifth Doclisboa festival reminds us that documentary film is an art form, speaking to the intellect, the emotions and the senses