16 films to compete for Heart of Sarajevo Award for documentary film

Of the 47 total films competing for the 2021 Sarajevo Film Festival Heart of Sarajevo Award in their respective sections, 16 will be documentaries. The Best Documentary award joins Feature, Short, and Student Film as the four categories for the Heart of Sarajevo.

The documentary selections have been curated by Rada Šešić, selector of the Competition Programme – Documentary Film and features eight world premieres, six regional premiere, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina premiere of Marta Popivoda’s acclaimed Landscapes of Resistance. Aside from the Heart of Sarejvo Award for Best Documentary Film, the award category also awards a €3,000 Human Rights Award and €2,500 Special Jury Prize.

Heart of Sarajevo Award documentaries

  • BOSNIAN BROADWAY / BOSANSKI BRODVEJ, Jasmina Beširević (Croatia, 2021, 30 min.) – World premiere
  • DISTURBED EARTH, Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, North Macedonia, 2021, 71 min.) – World premiere
  • DIVAS / DÍVÁK, Máté Kőrösi (Hungary, 2021, 80 min.) – World premiere
  • EVERY SUNDAY, Keti Papadema (Cyprus, 2020, 24 min.) – World premiere
  • HORIZON / HORIZONT, Tanja Deman (Croatia, 2021, 25 min.) – World premiere
  • THE SAME DREAM / ACELAȘI VIS, Vlad Petri (Romania, 2021, 29 min.) – World premiere
  • WHEN WE WERE THEM, Danis Tanović, Damir Šagolj (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021, 15 min.) – World premiere
  • ŽŽŽ (JOURNAL ABOUT ŽELIMIR ŽILNIK) / ŽŽŽ (ŽURNAL O ŽELIMIRU ŽILNIKU), Janko Baljak (Serbia, 2021, 90 min.) – World premiere
  • SUNNY/ MZIURI, Keti Machavariani (Georgia, 2021, 67 min.) – European premiere
  • FACTORY TO THE WORKERS / TVORNICE RADNICIMA, Srđan Kovačević (Croatia, 2021, 105 min.) – Regional premiere
  • LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES / YARAMAZ ÇOCUKLAR, Ahmet Necdet Çupur (Turkey, France, Germany, 2021, 93 min.) – Regional premiere
  • LOOKING FOR HORSES, Stefan Pavlović (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, France, 2021, 88 min.) – Regional premiere
  • RECIPE FOR HATE/ POTREBA ZA MRŽNJOM, Filip Čolović (Serbia, 2020, 81 min.) – Regional premiere
  • RECONCILIATION / ODPUŠČANJE, Marija Zidar (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, 2021, 82 min.) – Regional premiere
  • SOLDAT AHMET, Jannis Lenz (Austria, 2021, 76 min.) – Regional premiere
  • LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE / PEJZAŽI OTPORA, Marta Popivoda (Serbia, France, Germany, 2021, 95 min.) – Bosnia and Herzegovina premiere

The 27th Sarajevo Film Festival will take place 13-20 August 2021.

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