We don’t want the smoking gun at the head of civilisation to be a mushroom cloud

OPPENHEIMER: The mainstream embraces sex and death in nuke movie.

The case of Dominic Ongwen

It is certainly refreshing when invited speakers at a film talk are unafraid to venture into contested waters well beyond the bounds of a...

Festival Report: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE 2023

REPORT: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE 2023 presented seventeen immersive non-fiction across VR, AR, gaming, and Interactive Storytelling.

Observational cinema

THESSALONIKI: What is an observational style really – an old fashion or giving films something they lost?

NATO – an alliance for the 21st century?

MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: NATO's new strategy document is a continuation of the neoconservative line after Anders Fogh Rasmussen's politicization of the group, revealing an ideological chasm between the old and the new NATO.

Fascinating fascism and seductive leaders

NEO-FASCISM: Do many still have fascist yearnings today, or can one always blame seductive leaders? A closer dive into the 100-year-old Italian fascism and its descendants says something about the dangers we are likely to face.

Festival Report: IDFA Doclab 2022

As one of the continent's longest-running programmes exploring new media and interactivity, #IDFA Doclab has steadily grown in size and scope, parallel to much...

Prosecution of filmmakers spreads «like a pandemic»

IDFA: ICFR addresses a growing political prosecution and incarceration of filmmakers.

Ulrich Seidl’s Sparta and the question of ethics in filmmaking

ETHICS: The first season of Ji.hlava's IDFF Conference of Ethics in Filmmaking was a necessary conversation around the need for common ethical principles in documentary filmmaking.

Jean-Luc Godard: Death was waiting

CINEMA: Four films and two books – can they capture something about this newly dead legend of cinema? Let me try, especially with Godard’s intellectual autobiography and two new films about him.

We must activate our voices for Iran!

The Norwegian-Iranian filmmaker #Ali Parandian# is the man behind the petition «The Nordic Film Community stand with protesters in Iran». The petition has so...

The cultural identity of the displaced

IDENTITY: In two Nordisk Panorama-screened films, a growing number of second-generation immigrants express how they do not feel truly included in their European birth countries.