800 Kilometres’ Difference

Claire Simon

France, 2001, 90 min. & 58 min

The film revolves around the relationship of two young lovers separated by geography: 15-year-old Manon from Paris, the filmmaker’s own daughter, and Greg, 17, who lives in Claviers, a withdrawn village in the south of France.

800km-site“Some have two years, five years, ten years’ difference; we have 800 kilometres” difference, says Manon. And 800 kilometres is more than just a physical separation. There is a whole world of difference between the life of a young woman studying in Paris and the rural life of a young man who helps his father to bake bread in the bakery at night. The camera captures the quiet affection in this father-son relationship, which is also a working relationship. We get to know Greg’s family and the family’s Italian roots of which Greg is proud. Unlike his grandfather who considers himself French.

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