Wulf immigrated to the US in 1959 to build up his own farm. He worked hard, the farm grew and he did well enough to support his wife and six children. In 1997 when he meets the directors of the film, he and two of his sons and families are living off the farm. During the five years it takes to shoot the film, however, things go downhill quickly and a life’s work is about to disappear.

The source of the problem is the extension of the American dream: some companies have become ‘too’ successful and buy up all the smaller agriculture processing plants that used to buy the farm produce from farmers, and also bought the grain, fertilizer and pesticide businesses. The many companies that previously provided reasonable competition and fair prices are replaced by a few multinational corporations, such as ConAgra, which as almost the sole operator can set any price level it wants to. ConAgra presses the prices so much that they don’t even cover the farmers’ production costs, pushing them out on thinner and thinner ice.

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