Rivers And Tides

Thomas Riedelsheimer

Germany, 2001.

Goldsworthy works and creates in harmony with the environment using natural materials. Some of his sculptures are ephemeral and not meant to last. These works of breathtaking beauty exist in nature until wind, water, heat or cold destroys them. Some ‘pieces’ disintegrate almost immediately like the balls of red clay that Goldsworthy throws into a waterfall creating a ‘bloody’, foamy stream. Or the icicle-formation that will relentlessly melt in the sun.

“The very thing that brought it to life will bring about its death,” says Goldsworthy about the process that makes his art ephemeral. But this is part of the artistic game of rearranging nature into works of art that do not really belong in galleries or museums. They cannot be bought or purchased. Some of Goldsworthy’s other works are more resilient and meant to last like the ‘slaloming’ fence built through the woods, between the trees and across the countryside.


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