CONTROL: In increasingly authoritarian Hungary, two women face several hardships in their adoption of a young Roma child.
Carmen Gray
Carmen Gray
Freelance film critic and regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
Published date: August 11, 2020

«Some kids have one mom, others have more.» The line is from a storybook that two mothers-to-be are handcrafting for their adoptive daughter, as they await her imminent arrival into their home. They paste photographs into the pages as they deliberate over how to phrase the family history they are lovingly creating. As intimate, fly-on-the-wall documentary Her Mothers develops, however, it is clear that the new little addition to this couple’s life is not the only person in need of understanding and accepting the legitimacy of a dual-mother family structure. As two lesbians seeking to adopt a Roma toddler under Viktor Orbán’s right-wing government in Hungary, Nóra and Virág are all too aware that their very identities are right in the firing line of the anti-immigrant, «Christian family values» rhetoric and policy being aggressively pushed by the ruling alliance. A loophole the state is endeavouring to close means that, while lesbians cannot legally adopt as a couple, they can go through the process separately as single parents, then cohabiting with only one of them technically designated as the mother. But societal discrimination is rife, and politicians can frequently be heard stoking anti-gay sentiment in the media. Marriage is declared an act only between a man and a woman, and same-sex adoption is compared to paedophilia as the state moves to …

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