Ellen Lande 13 POSTS
Ellen is a film director and freelance film critic. She is a regular contributor to Modern Times Review.


Intimacy versus American convention

Between the two recent films depicting the Utøya massacre, Reconstructing Utøya is the one that succeeds.

An extremist self-portrait

How do you opt out of a community that expects life-long allegiance and responds to dissenters with brutal retributions? In Exit, Karen Winther depicts the hazardous struggle for liberation.

Soothing reconstructions of the Utøya massacre

If you can only bear watching one film about Utøya, Reconstructing Utøya is worth the wait.

Portrait of a Ghanaian child porter

Thousands of Ghanaian girls as young as six are systematically sent away from their impoverished rural homes to the capital to scrape together a few pennies – burdened with loads that could break the back of a strong adult.

Interpretation and prejudice

Dramatizations of our great national tragedy are lining up. Why is it more sensitive that a foreigner tells the story of 22 July tan one of our own filmmakers?

A thought-provoking, peculiar exploration of nature

A magnificent documentary about the natural origins of what we consider to be man-made and the connection between man and nature.

The Myth of Sisyphus Put into Practice

In this portrait of a coal worker in Congo, hopelessness meets an indomitable will.

A Tale About Freedom

Even Jesus Was Bipolar succeeds in transcending its theme while posing critical questions about the demands placed on men by consumer society.

Exodus – Catch 22

The Chinese contemporary artist and filmmaker Weiwei delivers a captivating life and death fresco of homeless hordes of people in Technicolor.

The grandmothers, sexual slavery and the apology

They were born as humans, but were never allowed to live a normal human life