Thomas Logoreci
Thomas Logoreci 9 POSTS
Filmmaker, writer and sometime festival programmer living in Tirana, Albania.


Raiders of the Lost Archives
(The Reagan Show)

Unearthed footage helps documentary filmmakers offer alternative historical perspectives.

State Of Denial
(Intent To Destroy)

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: Essential documentary fact checks Turkey’s sinister record of historical erasure.

F for Fake

Norwegian filmmaker recreates five days inside the rebel space jump.

Tito, We Have a Problem
(Houston, We Have A Problem!)

Slovenian tall tale recalls a land that time forgot.

Injustice Texas style
(Southwest Of Salem)

Urgent true crime exposé incites a legal miracle.

The candidate we deserve

Prescient verite doc reveals the spectacle of American politics in the age of Trump.

CRAIG BALDWIN: Prank doc maker, activist and media archeologist

Craig Baldwin is not dead yet. The high priest of found-footage free association has made a three-decade career of imploding the very notion of the documentary form. Thomas Logoreci gets the California-born iconoclast to reveal the imaginative method behind his chaotic collage creations.

The rejected film
(The Sheik And I)

How can you violate basic ethical standards of documentary filmmaking? Iranian–American gadfly Caveh Zahedi discovers the structures of influence in his latest doc The Sheik and I.

An American spring
(If A Tree Falls)

«No real social change happened without pressure, without force,» insists Daniel McGowan, an imprisoned former member of the Earth Liberation Front.