Chilean doc awarded for third straight year at Cannes Docs

Chilean documentary Monguen won the Think-Film Award at the Marché du Film, garnering international recognition.

The film portrays Fresia, a young Mapuche Pehuenche woman, as she navigates the challenges of leaving her home and family to give birth in the city. Director Antonio Caro drew inspiration from his experiences as a rural doctor in the region. The success of Monguen reflects Chilean documentaries’ diversity and global appeal.

Paula Ossandón, Director of Chiledoc, emphasises the importance of platforms like Cannes Docs and Marché du Film in promoting Chilean projects internationally. The recognition received by Chilean documentaries demonstrates the country’s creative potential. Over the past couple of years, Meeting Point and Malqueridas were also awarded, showcasing the strength of the Chilean documentary industry.

Chile’s consistent presence at prominent film festivals solidifies its position in the global film industry. Support from ProChile further strengthens the country’s creative industry, particularly in the French market. The achievements of Chilean documentaries highlight their compelling storytelling and contribute to the country’s international reputation.

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