Our Park

Gillian Leahy

Australia 1998, 52 min.

At the beginning of Our Park, director Gillian Leahy describes parks as places in which the conflicts between the “tame and the wild” are played out, and as sites where city dwellers can play out their relationship with nature. This is a documentary about a community’s relationship to their park, specifically White Creek Valley Park, or as the local community prefers to call it, “our park”.

The film was originally envisaged as a ‘slice of park life’, but during the filming, the focus turned from the park itself to the community and its attempts to settle a conflict. It is also a film about the role of the filmmaker. Gillian Leahy was more than the director of this film; as a member of the community, she was also a central participant in the conflict and the documentary.

Filmmaker Gillian Leahy and her dog Baxter

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