CoPro announces Israeli film sales pilot programme for 25th anniversary

The timely documentary feature The Consultant takes centre stage at CoPro 25 – The Israeli Coproduction Market, shedding light on the life and work of Arthur J. Finkelstein, an influential American political consultant. Directed by Eado Zuckerman and produced by Assaf Peretz for Channel 8 in Israel, the film explores Finkelstein’s role in shaping the campaigns of notable figures like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Viktor Orban, and Benjamin Netanyahu. Through intimate interviews, home videos, and unprecedented access to Finkelstein’s personal life, The Consultant captures his enigmatic persona and paradoxical position as a gay man supporting anti-gay Republican candidates.

CoPro, the Israeli Content Marketing Foundation, has announced a new pilot program to expand into film sales, with The Consultant selected as one of the films. This move highlights CoPro’s dedication to fostering collaboration between Israeli creators and global investors, elevating the quality and impact of Israeli films internationally.

CoPro’s 25-year track record showcases its significant contributions to the Israeli documentary film industry. With over 750 co-production agreements signed and over USD 40 million invested in Israeli documentary projects, CoPro has played a crucial role in funding innovative and inspiring films. Additionally, over 400 Israeli documentaries have reached audiences worldwide, providing unique perspectives and cultural exchange.

CoPro 25 – The Israeli Coproduction Market runs from June 5 to 7, followed by a retrospective from June 8 to 10. This prestigious event serves as a platform for Israeli creators to showcase their talent, connect with international investors, and further establish the reputation of Israeli documentary filmmaking.

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