Documentary filmmakers want to be at the forefront of new media developments and DocAgora attempts to meet this need. DOX attended two of the DocAgora conferences, but first a brief intro.
Ulla Jacobsen
Jacobsen was previously editor in chief of the DOX Magazine from March 1998 until early 2009. A lot of the DOX articles republished in ModernTimes was ordered by her. After 2009 she worked freelance, until she died in 2013.
Published date: July 18, 2007

picture_2_400x400The transformation of modern media almost defies comprehension as new platforms and new formats emerge and the documentary seeks its own identity and place in evolving mediascapes. DocAgora is a meeting place for independent filmmakers and everybody else working in this field. It was established to address these very issues and to stay abreast of the latest developments. DocAgora took its first step at the Sheffield doc fest 2006 and has since organised conferences at IDFA, AIDC, Hot Docs, Silverdocs and Sunny Side.

In DocAgora’s own words, the venue is “an open space to consider new forms, new platforms and new ways of financing creative, authored and socially-engaged documentary content. DocAgora is this virtual webplex. But DocAgora also co-organises real world events that touch down as compact conferences and funding opportunities at leading documentary film festivals and media markets throughout the year. DocAgora aims to serve the needs of greater documentary community. It hopes to facilitate information interchange, provide real-life and on-line platforms for sustainable documentary financing and offer opportunities for essential face-to-interface networking. DocAgora welcomes the whole community of new and established makers, producers, broadcasters, distributors, marketeers, next-media distributors and new funders into one progressive place. DocAgora hopes to forge new strategic alliances, practical plans and working systems in order to sow the seeds for future ones.”

The people behind DocAgora include Amit Breuer (Canada/Israel); Cameron Hickey, Docsite, (USA); Fleur Knopperts, Sheffield’s DocFest, (UK); Joan Morselt, AIDC (Australia); Peter Wintonick, Necessary Illusions, (Canada).

The reports of DOX’s correspondents who attended the AIDC and Hot Docs DocAgora conferences are found below.


In ancient Athens, the Agora was a meeting place, a market place, a public place. A site of spirit and commerce, community and renewal.

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