Doclisboa 2022: the complete winners

    The 20th edition of Doclisboa is drawing to a close this weekend, and the full list of winners has been announced. In the International Competition, the jury unanimously awarded Nikita Lavretski’s A Date in Minsk and Alejandro Vasquez’s A Landscapes Area Too Quiet For Me with the City of Lisbon Award and YouTube International Competition Jury Award, respectively. See the complete list of doclisboa 2022 winners below.

    Doclisboa 2022 winners

    • City of Lisbon Award for Best International Competition Film: A Date in Minsk (dir. Nikita Lavretski)
    • YouTube International Competition Jury Award: A Landscapes Area Too Quiet For Me (dir. Alejandro Vasquez)
    • HBO Max Award for Best Portuguese Competition Film (ex aequo): The Visit and the Secret Garden (dir. Irene M. Borrego) & Vexations (dir. Leonardo Mouramateus)
    • Portuguese Competition Jury Award: Calling Cabral (dir. Welket Bungué)
    • Schools Award – ETIC Award for Best Portuguese Competition Film: The Visit and A Secret Garden (dir. Irene M. Borrego)
    • New Talent Award: It’s Party Time (dir. Léo Liotard)
    • Special Mention (New Talent Award): Moto (dir. Gastón Sahajdacny)
    • Award for Best Short Film (up to 40’): May the Earth Become the Sky (dir. Ana Vîjdea)
    • Healthy Workplaces Film Award: The Beach of Enchaquirados (dir. Iván Mora Manzano)
    • Practice, Tradition and Heritage Award: Goodbye, Captain (dir. Tatiana Almeida, Vincent Carelli)
    • Special Mention (Practice, Tradition and Heritage Award): Yarokamena (dir. Andrés Jurado)
    • Fernando Lopes Award: Home, Revised (dir. Inês Pedrosa e Melo)
    • Audience Award: What Words can do (dir. Luísa Marinho, Luísa Sequeira)
    • Le Fresnoy Award for Best Green Years Film: Picnic at Hanging Rock (dir. Naama Heiman)
    • Pedro Fortes Award for Best Green Years Portuguese Film: Bentuguês (dir. Daniel Borga)
    • RTP Award for Best Feature-Length Project in the Editing or First Cut Stage: Savannah and the Mountain (dir. Paulo Carneiro)
    • Selina Award for Best Project in the Writing or Development Stage: Continuum (dir. Mariana Bomba)
    • School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa Award: House made of mist (dir. Alberto Dexeus)
    • DAE Talent Encouragement Award: Beyond Landscape (dir. Etienne de France; prod. Aymeric Isnard (Futur Antérieur) – France
    • Pitch the Doc Award: Under the Volcano (dir. Sara Rastegar; prod. Simone Pozzi/ Jasmina Sijercic (Bocalupo Film), Giovanni Donfrancesco (Altara Films) – France, Italy
    • Award: “Lettre à Eric Pauwels” ou a Florista e o Cônsul (dir. Clara Jost; prod. Anze Persin (Stenar Projects), Carole Chassaing (Tamara Films) – Portugal, France

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