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Docudays UA DOCU/SHORT UA explores Ukraine’s shared narrative through short film

This year’s Docudays UA DOCU/SHORT selection process took a unique approach, focusing on stories that needed to be told from abroad alongside films made by Ukrainian artists. The short film competition programme serves as a response to the pain felt by everyone in Ukraine. It delves into the everyday lives overwhelmed by questions, the search for understanding of the past, and the desperate attempts to envision a future against all odds.

As the 20th anniversary of Docudays UA coincides with the ongoing Russian war, the aim is to prevent the war’s artistic archive from being solely replenished with new stories. Instead, the focus is on preserving the memories of Ukrainian families scattered worldwide as a part of the past.

Beyond personal losses and the wounds of war, DOCU/SHORT seeks to highlight stories of reconstruction and reunification. These narratives embody hope, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. The programme aims to create a more recognisable narrative amidst the shared pain experienced by 42 million people.

DOCU/SHORT provides a space for honest conversations within Ukrainian society about the war that divided and united them. These short films give diverse experiences and perspectives a voice, fostering understanding, empathy, and healing.

DOCU/SHORT courageously documents and shares the multifaceted narratives emerging from Ukraine’s recent history. It illuminates the resilience and unity of the Ukrainian people while showcasing the transformative power of art in fostering dialogue and healing a nation torn by war.

DOCU/SHORT UA 2023 films

  • Ptitsa (dir: Alina Maksimenko) – Poland, Ukraine
  • Forest, Forest (dir: Maria Stoianova) – Ukraine
  • waking up in silence (dir: Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi) – Germany, Ukraine
  • Chornobyl 22 (dir: Oleksiy Radynski) – Ukraine
  • One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas – dir: Marta Smerechynska France, Ukraine
  • Are You Here? (dir: Zlata Veresniak) – Portugal
  • I Stumble Every Time I Hear From Kyiv (dir: Daryna Mamaisur) – Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Hungary
  • The Mist (dir: Dmytro Shovkoplyas) – Ukraine
  • Second Wind (dir: Maksym Lukashov) – Ukraine
  • Mariupol. A Hundred Nights (dir: Sofiia Melnyk) – Ukraine

Find more information on the 2023 Docudays UA DOCU/SHORT UA programmeHERE

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