You Have No Idea… testifies to the importance of opening scenes. Daughter Hania kindly asks her mother Ewa if she wants to start the session. She looks at her, doubt seems to creep in. The therapst, prof. Bogdan de Barbaro, just looks from one to the other; mum looks away. There is something about to happen here…






You Have No Idea… shows family therapy in five acts. These are clearly delineated: introduction and problem-setting, starting point of the problem, effect on the one, effect on the other, and closure to move forward. Lozinski contrasts the complex content of the fim with an extremely stylized form. All shots consist of close ups of the three protagonists and although a shade of one of the others is visible every now and then, which points to a multiple camera registration, the close ups of the faces separate the three individuals and ties them closely to their role as mother, daughter and therapist. A neutral, grey background and flat lighting provide no escape from the central faces. Black screens separate the different sessions but the constellation of the triangle of people remains the same throughout. The camera observes, but not quite, as the editing of faces in relation to what is being said, can be read as a comment.

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