The docs included in the program are part of an exchange between Movies That Matter and the Moscovian Stalker Festival, which takes place every year in December. The Russian festival sent three of their best films to The Hague – Winter, go away!, 5 Minutes of Freedom and TomorrowRussian Libertine, a film about the writer and dissident Victor Erofeyev, was the fourth film in the program. In return, Movies That Matter will send three of the best Dutch productions to the Stalker Festival in December.

The Russian docs portray dissidence and civic engagement in Russia from different angles and through different stories. All four seem complementary and shed light over what it means to oppose Putin’s regime and to speak up your mind publicly in nowadays Russia.

And that’s not all. Human rights violations and corruption are part of the public image of Russia these days. What these films create is not the classical portrayal of these issues. Instead they give them depth and context, both necessary in order to understand not only how Russia is but also why Russia is the way it is right now.


Directed by Kirill Sakharnov.Ksenia Sakharnova,

Russia, 2012, 86 minutes.

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