Gotteszell– A Women’s Prison

Helga Reidemeister

Germany, 2001, 103 min.

Helga Reidemeister has followed life in the prison over a period of time, focusing on six of the women inmates. Each shares a piece of their lives, and it becomes evident that they are just as victimised as those they have murdered or robbed. You wonder how you would react in a similar situation. If you had been sexually abused by your father since the age of five and your mother had committed suicide, and one day when a man attempts to rape you, would you kill him? Hard to say, but the film makes a point of stating that all of us could end up here serving a long prison sentence, depending on the conditions and pressures we are exposed to in our lives. One of the guards says that if you can blame them for anything, it is for putting up with things too long before saying enough is enough.

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