One Day In People’s Poland

Marciej Drygas

Poland/France/Germany 2005, 59 min.

06.03.2009 Warszawa Dom Spotkan z Historia Dyskusja poswiecona smierci Ryszarda Siwca oraz pokaz filmu " Uslyszcie moj krzyk " w rezyserii Macieja Drygasa N/z Maciej Drygas fot Lech Gawuc/REPORTER
Marciej Drygas

Having seen this film, I’d hesitate to recommend people’s Poland as a fun holiday destination. It’s a rather grey, drab country with morose inhabitants. Someone’s always complaining about something: the weather, the queues, the Communist Party. Those who don’t complain spend most of their time writing reports on those who do: “9 o’clock to 9:23-the suspect is intimate with his wife. 9:23 to 9:26-the suspect washes his hands with soap.”

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