Journalist and film critic.
POETIC: The film silently observes the boys who dream of reaching the European shores, painting a picture of their ordeal amid the lingering crisis.

Orginal title: Barzakh)Country: Spain

Sevillian filmmaker Alejandro Salgado brings his documentary Barzaj (Barzakh) to this year’s IDFA, vying for the festival’s award for Best First Appearance. It is Salgado’s second documentary film, after Bolingo. The Forest of Love, which was shown at IDFA in 2016.

Barzaj is a poetic account of a group of Moroccan boys who find shelter in Harbour Melilla, situated on the north coast of Africa, as they are bound for a perilous journey towards continental Europe. The youngsters find themselves in limbo, caught between two worlds – Morocco that they are fleeing and «the country of light». The camera stays with the boys like a faithful nocturnal companion – it never leaves the darkness. It is the absence of light that seems to define the boys’ . . .

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