It is structured around three narratives. A framework story and two stories that run parallel to each other. The framework story is a reconstruction of the shooting of Hector Faver’s first super8 film he did with two friends at the age of 12. A story about kidnapping and rescue. Though a boyhood story, it holds the essence of the film: kidnapping the opponents of the military dictatorship.

The two parallel stories are a documentary and a fictional story respectively. Through interviews and archive material, the documentary tells the story of the mothers and grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo who fight for justice for their sons and daughters and grandchildren who were taken away and killed by the military government. They refuse to accept that former generals are pardoned by the new leaders. It also turns into Argentine anti-Semitism when the Israeli association AMIA was bombed in ’94, killing 86 people.


The fictional story is told by a male voiceover to give the illusion that he is the writer who is in the process of writing the story as it unfolds. It is a love story between two dwarves. The woman keeps searching for her lost past, the circus she worked in, her ex-lover, her mother. And she keeps disappearing from the man who constantly searches for her. It takes place in an absurd dreamlike world always shrouded in the darkness of night– like in the sub-conscious or the underworld.

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