Tue Steen Müller
Previous founder/editor of the DOX magazine.

Lida is 81 years old and lives in a dying Swedish settlement in Eastern Ukraine.


Anna Eborn

Sweden/Denmark, 88 mins.

Yes: Documentary is Cinema. Where the best directors know what they are doing. Have chosen a form for what they want to tell. Before shooting. This is what Swedish Anna Eborn has done with this gem of a documentary film. She is working with video and with 16mm film, she has created a superb sound design and used music so it matches the sequences. The critic has no objections!

… an extraordinary cinematic interpretation of something ordinary. No, Lida Utas Andreasdotter is not an ordinary person, but her story, her destiny as a victim of geography and the related events of war and ddeportation have been told about many times before.

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