My Father, The Turk

Marcus Vetter & Ariane Riecker

Germany 2006, 90 min.

My Father, The Turk is a deeply personal film about two families – one German, one Turkish, linked through one man, Cahit, a Turk. Attila Marcus Vetter, the German director who is also a participant, seeks answers from his Turkish father, Cahit, for the years of doubt he endured while growing up as the son of a German mother and an absent Turkish father. He travels to rural Turkey to find Cahit and meets his Turkish family who have also been saddened by Cahit’s frequent desertions.

The documentary follows Attila’s attem3770pts to understand his father’s actions nearly forty years ago as a young immigrant in Germany. Using descriptions from his mother’s diaries, he confronts Cahit and tries to understand his father’s decisions and choices in life. The film is structured around interwoven testimonies of Attila’s Turkish family and the diary readings of Attila’s German mother, the former depicting the present, the latter revealing the past.

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