Grandfathers And Revolutions

Peter Hegedus

Australia 1999, 52 min.

Andras Hegedus was the Prime Minister of Hungary who called in Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

Andras Hegedus

Peter Hegedus is a young documentary filmmaker, born in Hungary, now living in Australia, who travels back to his homeland to confront his grandfather about his past and to try and understand his role in the events of 1956.

This is a complex film, interweaving a number of historical and contemporary narratives. Forty-five years on, it attempts to show that the history of that period yields more than one story. Although the interviews with Andras are the focal point of the film, they are intercut with interviews with various members of the Hungarian resistance movement. Peter skilfully juxtaposes these two ideological strands, complicating any notion that there is one truth to discover about the events.

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