Pokémon Go

The app that turns your phone into a handheld surveillance camera and tracks your location

I am walking down the street and everybody is looking at me. Do you know that dream? A woman with a red dress stops the buggy with her bright-faced child and looks at you until you finally cut a turn. Even a wrinkly old man tries to stand up straight to stare at you.

This Orwellian feeling creeps up on me when thinking of Pokémon Go. That little game where you catch funny creatures? The game that actually makes children get up and walk around instead of sitting on the couch? That game? Yes, that game.

Users might not realise that a lot of information is gathered on them as they play. Additionally, the users of this greatly successful app are filming their play and distributing it online.

Data collection. Niantic, Inc. (Niantic) shares certain collected information with . . .

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Anrike Visserhttp://studio-anrikevisser.com/
Freelance journalist based in Asia and Europe.

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