In pursuit of «law and order»

    POLICE: The daily grind of one Oklahoma police officer.

    The 30-minute documentary Random Patrol, directed by French filmmaker Yohan Guignard, opens with a view of a police car at the break of day.

    Random Patrol-documentary-1
    Random Patrol, a film by Yohan Guignard

    Yukon, Oklahoma

    A white man clad in a police uniform, with ‘Yukon, Oklahoma’ emblazoned on his shoulder patch, enters the car. The camera stays within the confines of the police car thereafter, shot almost in its entirety from the passenger seat. At the very onset of this chamber piece documentary, the police officer, who becomes known to us as Matt, utters the words that set the tone of the film. «I wonder if today is the day,» he says succinctly, «I wonder if today is the day I am going to be killed. It’s the first thing I think about when I put my uniform on.»

    «I wonder if today is the day I am going to be killed.»

    Matt’s day is marked by what the police call «random patrolling», inspecting a given area at random times. However, it is not the dramatic goings-on of his police work that become illuminative, but his daily practices that . . .

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    Sevara Pan
    Journalist and film critic.
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