Ricardo Dias

Brazil 1999, 91min.

It doesn’t matter who you have faith in – the faith itself is what matters. This statement comes from one of the characters, a mystic, in Ricardo Dias’ documentary, and is also the red thread through his film about faith in Brazil.

Brazil is 95% Catholic, but contains many different religions and different ways of practising one’s religion. In Faith we are taken on a journey through some of the Christian sects. The film starts with a religious feast in the Catholic church that attracts thousands of people, including pilgrims from far and near. The film proceeds to a small community, led by a priestess, who worship God and the saints through dance and music that lead them into a sort of trance – rituals close to what we relate with paganism.

We are taken to the church of a psychic, who gets in contact with the spirits of the dead relatives of his followers and passes on those spirits’ messages. We are taken to the “Valley of Dawn,” the home for a sect-like organization, and also to a christening held by Evangelic Baptists.

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