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How the toleration of crime can change everything

A film revealing the many faces of decades of organised crime in Southern Italy.

Invisible Hands

Invisible Hands is committed to the ideology of the free market, but can this myth ever become reality?

Over-Burdened Child

With no capable adult present to coordinate their everyday life, a young girl takes on the responsibility as head of her family.

69 minutes of 68 days

The war in Syria has now lasted six years.

Death as dignity
(Children Are Not Afraid)

In 2015, four siblings aged between five and 13 allegedly committed suicide in a village in China's rural Guizhou province.

Havana City Boxing Academy: nineyear old boys- best boxers in the world
(Sons Of Cuba)

Is the film Sons of Cuba a portrait of sacrifice, social hardship and political indoctrination? Or is it about a country full of love and passion and the rewards of dedication to the cause, be that sport or communism?

How do we learn to live with others and their wishes?
(To Be And To Have)

A turtle moves across the floor of the small village school. It takes its time, the rhythm of life is slow and calm. There are no noisy events, nothing special to disturb the turtle as it crosses from a corner to the other end of the classroom that is the daily home of one teacher and a dozen pupils of different ages.