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Stanley Kubrick, the realist

As a filmmaker he has had a significant impact on many of us. In a progressively militarized and technified world, Kubrick remains highly relevant.

The pioneer of long-term filmmaking

Helena Trestikova’s work epitomises the innovative role of long-term filmmaking, and the inextricable link between big and little histories.

The transience of time

Mia Hansen-Løve’s latest film Things to Come depicts the way political engagement changes over time, and neatly joins her other films on family dynamics and relations. Here we take a look at her catalogue of films.

A unique monthly opportunity

"The Moon Inside You" is a personal journey into the mysteries and many prejudices surrounding menstruation. But director Diana Fabiánová’s attempt to tell the whole story causes a lack of focus in the film and makes it feel fumbling.

POV: The War of the spirit

Pier Paolo Pasolini was an ardent critic of his age. A recently reconstructed documentary film by him gives us an insight into many of his critiques – on war, the media, beauty, work and religion. As an object of hate and scorn in his time, he still has the power to move us.

In Godard’s shadow

"I don't want to have an ‘opinion’," film director Greenaway tells me as we meet in Trondheim. "My films afford me the opportunity to play with language, and language is infinitely more interesting than content,” continues the then 66-year old Briton, after declaring film dead. I am probably one of many who would prefer Jean-Luc Godard’s view on film history and his will for political change.