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The documentaries that want to do more

We are experiencing a new wave of documentaries not content with merely documenting and portraying. These want to generate genuine social change, far beyond the traditional auditoriums.


Italian political cinema will be discussed at Cinemateket in Oslo this weekend

Animadocs 2013

DOK Leipzig: Today more creative techniques like comics, drawings, puppet animation, photographs, graphic novels and paintings, indicate the growing recognition of animation as an art form.

CINEMA DU REEL 2007: Far from Hollywood

The social profile is strong at Cinéma du réel, which for the 29th time offered cinematically strong pieces of reality from around the world


Arte has launched “Faces of Europe”, an impressive series of half-hour docs documenting how we live, broadcast each weekday at 6.30 p.m.

NORMA PERCY: The Decisive Moment

Norma Percy is the woman behind Brook Lapping’s highly acclaimed documentary series about recent political history, including “The Death of Yugoslavia” and “Israel & the Arabs: Elusive Peace”

SHORT DOCS AT IDFA 2007: Celebrating Diversity

To define a “short film” is complicated. There is the industry’s definition that anything under 50 minutes is a short. Or the rules of many festivals where shorts are less than 40 minutes. There’s the TV half-hour, which runs approximately 26 minutes, and the typical student film, often 10 to 20 minutes.

DOCS AT TIFF 2007: Mini-festival within a Festival

Toronto International Film Festival remains strongly devoted to documentaries and even included two docs in its Gala section this past September.

Suburban sprawl and the Moss family’s life in the suburbs

At first glance, Gary Burns and Jim Brown’s “Radiant City” might seem more like a mockumentary than a documentary

VISIONS DU RÉEL 2006: Of Flesh and Blood

The films at the 2006 Visions du réel festival inspired reflections on how to represent suffering in documentaries.