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Far from the shallow now: two highlights from Underdox
(Sec Rouge / Accession)

Two newcomers stood out from the crowd at this year’s Underdox in Munich. Sec Rouge – one of 2018's most striking, accomplished and beautiful films of any length – and the seminal and glowingly delicate 48-minute film, Accession.

Is it a crime to save lives?
(To the Four Winds)

Acting in the name of human rights has become a criminal act in France.

Cash and corpses in Sarkozy’s wake
(Avec les compliments du Guide)

The French journalists Arfi and Laske investigate the real reasons behind the bombing of Libya in 2011.

CINÉMA DU RÉEL 1999: The Terrain of the Real

In its 21st edition, held March 5 - 14 in Paris, Cinéma du Réel featured a significant number of works by young filmmakers