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Theo Angelopoulos, the filmmaker of migration
(Letter to Theo)

In Letter to Theo, French director Élodie Lélu revisits Angelopoulos’ unfinished film, reminiscing on their collaborative work on the project that was in some ways prophetic of the present-day Greece.

When Glimpses of Humaneness Become Grotesque
(Golden Dawn Girls)

GREECE, GOLDEN DAWN : In this documentary we follow three of the women at the top of Golden Dawn, the notorious Greek extreme right-wing party.

The Sirens

As I watched Crispin Gurholt’s film The Sirens for the first time, it struck me how fast the role play of political theatre may change.

Greece: Downfall of a European country
(Combat Au Bout De La Nuit)

Berlinale presents a case study of crisis and impoverishment.

Debt is slavery

Documentary streaming of the month to subscribers.

The winners’ recollection
(Tessaloniki Film Festival)

A nation’s collective recollection forms its expectations. A dialogue between past and presence is implicit in Patrico Guzman’s films on Chile’s recent past, whilst Mexico's Diego Gutiérrez and Sarah Polley from Canada discuss their own and parents’ memories. The truth is cleansing, but we all need interpretations or rewrites in order to cope with the all too real.

Dimitri Eipides: When ethics is a must

In March, Dimitri Eipides, the director of Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, received the EDN award 2011. In this interview by Truls Lie he talks about movies that matter, action, sabotage and ethics. We witness one man’s enthusiastic commitment.

Resignation of modern times
(Mediterranean Stories)

First of all, this documentary is a real pleasure to watch. The camerawork is excellent and the music and soundtrack play a magnificent role for the pace and montage.