Tag: voyeurism

Fragments of experience

Across Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Washington DC, musician PJ Harvey and photojournalist Seamus Murphy craft a beautifully shot, sensitively edited film on observation, experience, and the creative process.

Colonial voyeurism revisited

It is hard to tell if the archival documentary African Mirror is a rehabilitation of a colonial mind, a critique of colonialism or a piece of essayistic nostalgia over the colonial gaze. Probably it is a mix, and as such, nothing new.

Voyeurism thematized

Imagine that you are spying on your neighbour through the peephole of your door. This is the feeling of voyeurism and obsession that is explored in the documentary Dr. Korbes. This film is about the two-year period leading up to filmmaker’s neighbour’s eviction, as seen from the fixed perspective of his apartment door peephole.