The Corporation

Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott

Canada 2003.

Sharing the same mission as Michael Moore’s films and TV shows, The Corporation is also absolutely humorous. Yet whereas Michael Moore is extremely provoking and confrontational and puts himself on screen as an active participant, The Corporation employs a different strategy: investigative journalism, presenting a montage that bombards the viewer with information, interviews, views, and case stories. Interwoven at a high pace with varied imagery of archive clips (fiction and doc alike), graphic elements, new shots and a music score designed to amplify the contents of the scenes.

As a kindred spirit, Michael Moore is among the 42 interview subjects which also include thinkers like Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein, CEOs and VPs of big corporations, academics, historians and activists. They are filmed facing the camera against a black background as they make their confessions. Even if some of the interviewees actually expose their lack of any moral concern, The Corporation isn’t trying to bring down individuals, but the whole power structure that allows utterly undemocratic institutions to assume such a dominant position.

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