The fight for Kobani

NO PLACE FOR TEARS. Director: Reyan Tuvi. Turkey, 2017

No Place For Tears

Reyan Tuvi

Turkey 2017, 84min.

As they become an important contributor to the fight against ISIS in Syria, and backed by the USA, today they find themselves under attack from Turkey once more. It is a schizophrenic situation with different and double agendas.

With No Place for Tears, Turkish director Reyan Tuvi (Love Will Change the Earth… 2014; Offside 2010) sheds light on the war in Syria from a Kurdish perspective. The film follows a number of Kurdish-Syrian refugees from Kobani, a Kurdish city under siege by ISIS for four months between autumn 2014 and winter 2015. Kobani is situated only a few kilometres South of the Turkish border. The refugees have fled to the Turkish village of Maheser, where many have family. They are sheltered by their new fellow villagers, who guard the village themselves against any unwanted visitors. From a distance, they stare across the imaginary line we call border with their binoculars and witness the destruction of their beloved city and its inhabitants. They hope their chants of support are carried to the city and heard there. What they hear in return is mainly shelling, jets and bombs exploding. Columns of smoke rise up continuously.

In an observatory style, Tuvi follows the villagers as they celebrate their culture, keep their stories alive and concern themselves with the care for their fellow Kurds, while also keeping track of the news reporting on Kobani. One of the new inhabitants is the charismatic young Botan, who crossed the border alone through barbed wire, and regards himself a grown-up man, although really just a boy. He and others share their stories with the villagers and each other.

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