La Main Invisible

Sylvain L’Espérance.

Québec 2002, 77 min.

In many ways Bauxite is the abbreviation of everything that’s wrong with globalisation; it’s essential for high-tech items like cell phones, but it’s mined in some of the poorest (and sometimes the most war-torn) parts of Africa. It’s not difficult to see the political critique underway in the piece, especially given that it’s for the most part shot in Africa but concludes with images of ships carrying bauxite being unloaded in Québec, where L’Espérance is from. Indeed, this is all reminiscent of a film about trade inequities made by Québécois filmmaker Jacques Godbout in 1982, A North-South Monologue, which also dealt with Bauxite, but focussed instead on Haiti and the southern hemisphere generally.

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