CULTURE: A saturated hybrid of a distinct musical subculture and the complicated city dynamics that help create it.
Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson
Communications Manager at Modern Times Review.
Published date: November 19, 2020

The story of Baltimore, the capital of the US state of Maryland, mirrors those of many such once thriving metropolises now mired in economic inequality, systemic racism, gang violence, and opioid abuse. Like Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, and virtually any other, it is a city with a rich and lengthy history that has since evolved into a case study for the widespread social and cultural destruction of unfettered Capitalism and America’s original sin. Yet, regardless of reality’s unfairness, Baltimore continues to carve out a culture (and subcultures) all its own, mostly a result of a robust African American population where sheer determination and talent are in constant tension with opportunity, resources, and space.


Perhaps the most prized cultural export Baltimore has to offer comes via its nightlife scene. Its distinctive sound, Baltimore …

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